America’s future is on the line.

Our mission is to elect values-driven conservatives

for the people of North Carolina and our nation.


Congressman Mark Walker is the Clear

Choice for the 6th District of NC

Congressman Mark Walker has a proven record of supporting the America First Agenda. Let’s send him back to Washington, DC so he can finish what he started!

  • Worked with President Trump to secure the border.
  • Last member of Congress to bring a Balanced Budget Amendment to the floor.
  • Voted with President Trump 97% of the time.

North Carolina needs proven, experienced conservative voices in DC. Awake Carolina proudly supports Congressman Mark Walker to do the job.

Recent Updates

New Poll Shows Mark Walker in a Double-Digit Lead in NC-6 Congressional Race

Awake Carolina recently commissioned a poll, partnering with Ragnar Research, showing Congressman Mark Walker in a double-digit lead over the rest of the field and 6 to 1 favorability. The initial ballot test in the 6th district congressional primary shows Walker is off to a strong start:

• Walker - 23%

• Hines - 10%

• Contogiannis - 1%

• Castelli- 3%

• Wagner - 3%

• McDowell - 1%

• Und - 58%

Walker’s lead significantly increased after the participants in the poll learned more about the candidates:

• Walker - 51%

• Hines - 4%

• Contogiannis - <1%

• Castelli - 3%

• Wagner - 3%

• McDowell - 2%

• Und – 37%

Congressman Mark Walker has an early advantage, and the early polling shows this. Walker is winning in both total Name ID as well as favorability, leading at 49% Name ID and 29% favorable.

Walker has the strong advantage of being the experienced and proven conservative in the primary, having successfully served the 6th District previously. Additionally, as a former member of Congress, Walker is receiving support from over 40 members of Congress including Speaker Mike Johnson.

Walker is a natural fit to represent the district with his background as a Baptist minister and retains deep ties to people in these communities. He is the authentic conservative in the race.